Published Saturday, March 16, 2013 AT 4:20 PM / Updated at 4:20 PM
Charts: Big East men’s basketball spending
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Figures compiled by The World-Herald show that Creighton’s spending on men’s basketball and overall athletic budget significantly lag those of the so-called Catholic 7 (the team’s breaking off and forming the new Big East). Creighton spent a reported $4.4 million on men’s basketball in 2011, compared with an average of $7.5 million for the Catholic 7.

Here’s the 2011 men’s basketball spending, with spending amounts at left and schools listed at bottom (hover over each bar to see specifics):

Creighton reported its total athletic budget at about $15 million in 2011, which was right at the average for other Missouri Valley schools. By contrast, the Catholic 7 athletic budgets averaged $27.5 million. But membership in the new league would open up new revenue streams for Creighton that would help bridge that gap.

Media reports have suggested that the new league will announce a new television contract with Fox that would pay each member about $3 million. And by moving to a stronger league, Creighton could also significantly increase the amount of NCAA basketball tournament revenue it would receive each year. Creighton reportedly receives about $350,000 a year in TV and tournament revenue as a member of the Missouri Valley Conference. It could easily increase that figure more than tenfold in the new league.

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