Published Friday, March 22, 2013 AT 7:27 PM / Updated at 5:13 PM
Tom’s Takes: Creighton 67, Cincinnati 63
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

A foul rule: Greg McDermott said it best afterwards: the flagrant elbow rule is not doing what the coaches intended it to do, and that’s eliminate the vicious plays from the game. This needs to be a judgment rule, based on whether the officials believe there was intent. In Doug McDermott’s case Friday, there was no intent. He was moving his elbows to make a basketball play. Trying to judge intent is a tough task, yes, but it beats handing out a flagrant for every such collision. That play almost changed the game. That shouldn’t happen.

CU’s Big E: Don’t know what’s gotten into Gregory Echenique but this new E is right on time. He was the difference on Friday. He set a tone against the Big East bullies, swatting away a shot that drew a buzz from the crowd. And he had big play after big play, including all four offensive rebounds and a basket to make it 56-54 after CU had blown an eight-point lead.

Doug’s decision: The Doug McDermott tea leaves are being read nearly every day now. He leaves if they make the Sweet 16, he stays to go to the Big East. I thought Friday’s game again showed McDermott’s limitations. Yes, he had 11 rebounds — and 27 points — against the physical Cats. But he was blocked twice at the basket and had a hard time getting open for perimeter shots against tight, single coverage. I don’t know how to call it. But on days like Friday, it’s hard to see him as a first-round guy.

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