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State Track: Complete guide to the 2013 Nebraska state meet
Stu Pospisil Omaha World-Herald

Going for the first time to Burke Stadium for the Nebraska high school track and field meet? Or has it been a while since you last were there, and the football field was still grass? Here’s a primer to get you through the 42nd annual weekend:

Check the forecast. Friday morning and Saturday afternoon could see thunderstorms, with daytime temperatures in the 80s. Wear comfortable shoes with a tread because you may end up sitting on one of the stadium’s hillsides when the seats fill up for Saturday’s finals. Rain makes the hillsides slick, too. Umbrellas and coolers are not allowed inside the stadium.

From the west on the West Dodge Expressway, stay in the right lanes to exit onto West Dodge Road for the move to 120th Street. Those entering Dodge from Interstate 680 should follow the signs for West Dodge Road. Our advice for parking — TAKE THE SHUTTLE. Park in the northeast lots of Westroads Mall and take the free shuttle bus, which begins at 7 a.m. Buy your meet tickets there — note that the NSAA has raised admission to $9 for adults, $6 for students — or purchase tickets online from the NSAA.

Buy a program ($3). The finish line is in front of the west grandstand on the south end, but those seats fill first. The east grandstand offers a good view of the long jump and boys pole vault pits. Unless you’re sitting under it in the north end, you’ll have a good view of the video board that will provide live views of races, results and meet information.

Class A and Class C go first, and the opening 3,200-meter relays start at 9 a.m. Lincoln Pius X’s girls (9:36.40) have the state lead. Can Lincoln North Star or Fremont, each already under 8 minutes in the boys 3,200 relay, run its way onto the all-time charts?
Check out the Class A pole vault, where Steven Cahoy of Grand Island tries to repeat as gold medalist and attack his season-best mark of 16-3¼ that ranks third all-time. Or wander outside the stadium to the Class A boys shot put, where Kearney is capable of a rare 1-2-3 sweep.
After the preliminaries in the high hurdles and the 100 and 400 meters are the finals in the 3,200 meters, in which Millard West’s Joe Harter is second on the all-time list and Fremont’s Danny Aldaba ninth. Their duel follows the Class A girls 3,200, in which Sidney Hirsch of Millard West is the state leader.
The afternoon session for Classes B and D, starting at 3 p.m. for field events and 3:30 for track events, features Tierra Williams of Class B Auburn launching her quest for four all-class golds with the long jump, in which her 19-6½ is tied for third all-time. In the Class B boys high jump, Grant Anderson of Wayne is the only 7-foot leaper of the season.
By day’s end, the 3,200 relay, 3,200, girls long jump, boys triple jump, boys shot put, girls discus and boys high jump gold medalists will have been determined.

Early risers can avoid the worst of traffic, and get better seats, as all four classes compete together. At 9 a.m. will be the state meet’s first Special Olympics events, the 100 meters. The morning track session officially begins with the 800 meters at 9:30.
McCook’s Molly Sughroue is the returning gold medalist in the girls 800. If she repeats in Class B, she’ll have to wait out the Class A race  — Alyssa Thavenet of Lincoln Pius X is 10th on the all-time chart — to see whether she returns to the gold mine. Jacob Holtmeier of Pius X and Mohamed Hamdan of Lincoln North Star could reprise their district duel for the Class A title and boys gold medal.
Kenzo Cotton starts what could be a three-gold day for the Papillion-La Vista junior as anchor of the 400 relay (approximately 11:30 a.m.) The Monarchs are less than .1 second from the state record. Cotton is back on the track for the 100 finals at 12:30 p.m., with his 200-meter gold-medal defense coming at 3:40 p.m.
If the intermission is long enough, check out Aaliyah Pete of Elkhorn South in the Class B girls shot put that begins at 1 p.m. The Colorado State recruit uncorked a season-best 49-11 that is No. 3 all-time.
Track events resume at 2 p.m. with the 1,600. Both Class A races could end with sprints to the finish involving Hirsch, Jeralyn Poe of North Star and Katie Spencer of Millard South in girls and, in boys, Aldaba, Harter and Hamdan. They ran in a district that produced the five fastest qualifying times.
After the finals in the 300 hurdles — Rachel Bramhall of Papillion-La Vista South is a threat to break the girls state record — and the 200 (Cotton lowers his state record?), the meet’s final two hours are devoted to the 1,600 relay. Pius X already has all-time marks with its boys and girls foursomes.

* * *


(At Burke Stadium, near 120th Street and West Dodge Road)
(All races are preliminaries except 3,200-meter races)
Classes A and C
9 a.m.: 3,200 relay
9:55 a.m.: Girls 100 high hurdles
10:10 a.m.: Boys 110 high hurdles
10:25 a.m.: 100 meters
11:05 a.m.: 400 meters
11:40 a.m.: 3,200 meters
12:40 p.m.: Girls 300 low hurdles
1 p.m.: Boys 300 intermediate hurdles
1:15 p.m.: 200 meters
Classes B and D
3:30 p.m.: 3,200 relay
4:25 p.m.: Girls 100 high hurdles
4:45 p.m.: Boys 110 high hurdles
5:05 p.m.: 100 meters
5:45 p.m.: 400 meters
6:25 p.m.: 3,200 meters
7:25 p.m.: Girls 300 low hurdles
7:45 p.m.: Boys 300 intermediate hurdles
8:05 p.m.: 200 meters
Long jump
Class A boys: 8:30 a.m. Saturday
Class A girls: 11 a.m. Friday
Class B boys: 3 p.m. Saturday
Class B girls: 3 p.m. Friday
Class C boys: 1 p.m. Saturday
Class C girls: 9 a.m. Friday
Class D boys: 10:30 a.m. Saturday
Class D girls: 5:30 p.m. Friday
Triple jump
Class A boys: 9 a.m. Friday
Class A girls: 1:30 p.m. Saturday
Class B boys: 6 p.m. Friday
Class B girls: 11 a.m. Saturday
Class C boys: Noon Friday
Class C girls: 3:30 p.m. Saturday
Class D boys: 3 p.m. Friday
Class D girls: 8:30 a.m. Saturday
Shot put
Class A boys: 9 a.m. Friday
Class A girls: 11 a.m. Saturday
Class B boys: 5:30 p.m. Friday
Class B girls: 1 p.m. Saturday
Class C boys: 11 a.m. Friday
Class C girls: 8:30 a.m. Saturday
Class D boys: 3:30 p.m. Friday
Class D girls: 3 p.m. Saturday
Class A boys: 1 p.m. Saturday
Class A girls: Noon Friday
Class B boys: 11 a.m. Saturday
Class B girls: 3 p.m. Friday
Class C boys: 3 p.m. Saturday
Class C girls: 9 a.m. Friday
Class D boys: 8:30 a.m. Saturday
Class D girls: 5:30 p.m. Friday
High jump
Class A boys: Noon Friday
Class A girls: 8:30 a.m. Saturday
Class B boys: 3 p.m. Friday
Class B girls: 3 p.m. Saturday
Class C boys: 9 a.m. Friday
Class C girls: 10:30 a.m. Saturday
Class D boys: 5:30 p.m. Friday
Class D girls: 1 p.m. Saturday
Pole vault
Class A boys: 9 a.m. Friday
Class A girls: 9 a.m. Saturday
Class B boys: 9 a.m. Saturday
Class B girls: 3:30 p.m. Friday
Class C boys: 1 p.m. Saturday
Class C girls: 9 a.m. Friday
Class D boys: 3:30 p.m. Friday
Class D girls: 1 p.m. Saturday

(Order of races: D girls, C girls, B girls, A girls, D boys, C boys, B boys, A boys)
9 a.m.: Special Olympics 100 meters
9:30 a.m.: 800 meters
10:45 a.m.: 400 relay
Noon: Girls 100 high hurdles
12:15 p.m.: Boys 110 high hurdles
12:30 p.m.: 100 meters
12:55 p.m.: 400 meters
2 p.m.: 1,600 meters
3:10 p.m.: Girls 300 low hurdles
3:25 p.m.: Boys 300 intermediate hurdles
3:40 p.m.: 200 meters
4:10 p.m.: 1,600 relay

* * *


A comparison of the best season marks in Nebraska high school track and field against the best district-meet marks:

>> 100 meters, 10.65, Kenzo Cotton, Papillion-La Vista, 10.78, Cotton
>> 200, 21.61, Cotton, 21.86, Cotton
>> 400, 48.56, Garrett Teel, Lincoln Pius X, 48.56, Teel
>> 800, 1:55.02, Mohamed Hamdan, Lincoln North Star, 1:55.61, Jacob Holtmeier, Lincoln Pius X
>> 1,600, 4:17.51, Danny Aldaba, Fremont, 4:17.79, Aldaba
>> 3,200, 9:05.34, Joe Harter, Millard West, (No. 2 all-time), 9:24.19, Aldaba
>> 110 hurdles, 14.44c, Cole Schuster, Freeman, 14.44c, Schuster
>> 300 hurdles, 38.63, Andy Neal, Lincoln East, 39.66, Nick Bartels, Papillion-La Vista
>> 400 relay, 41.79, Papillion-La Vista, (Tied for No. 2 all-time), 41.79, Papillion-La Vista, (All-class district record)
>> 1,600 relay, 3:17.71, Lincoln Pius X, (No. 2 all-time), 3:17.71, Lincoln Pius X, (All-class district record)
>> 3,200 relay, 7:57.91, Lincoln North Star, 7:57.91, Lincoln North Star
>> Shot put, 61-5½, Nathan Bazata, Howells-Dodge, 56-4¾, Luke McNitt, Kearney
>> Discus, 186-1, Luke McNitt, Kearney, 175-7, Nick Petersen, Kearney
>> High jump, 7-0, Grant Anderson, Wayne, (Tied for No. 7 all-time), 6-9, Anderson
>> Long jump, 24-0, Caleb Cowling, Lincoln Pius X , 23-10¾, Cowling, (Class A district record)
>> Triple jump, 47-3¾, Cowling, 46-1, Cowling
>> Pole vault, 16-3¼, Steven Cahoy, Grand Island, (No. 3 all-time), 16-0, Cahoy

>> 100 meters, 12.13, Kaitlin Bradley, Crete, 12.13, Bradley
>> 200, 25.11, Chloe Akin-Otiko, Bellevue West, 25.13, Tierra Williams, Auburn
>> 400, 57.53, Desire’e Sanders, Omaha Central, 57.58, Sanders
>> 800, 2:14.60, Alyssa Thavenet, Lincoln Pius X, (No. 10 all-time), 2:14.60, Thavenet, (Class A district record)
>> 1,600, 5:07.3, Sidney Hirsch, Millard West, 5:12.90, Katie Spencer, Millard South
>> 3,200, 10:52.06, Hirsch, 11:15.52, Jeralyn Poe, Lincoln North Star
>> 100 hurdles, 14.87, Maddie Simon, Lincoln Pius X, 14.87, Simon
>> 300 hurdles, 44.14, Rachel Bramhall, Papillion-La Vista South, 44.14, Bramhall
>> 400 relay, 48.57, Omaha Central, 48.57, Omaha Central
>> 1,600 relay, 3:56.57, Lincoln Pius X, 3:56.57, (No. 7 all-time), Lincoln Pius X, (All-class district record)
>> 3,200 relay, 9:36.40, Lincoln Pius X, 9:36.40, Lincoln Pius X
>> Shot put, 49-11, Aaliyah Pete, Elkhorn South, (No. 3 all-time), 48-2, Pete
>> Discus, 151-3, Michaela Dendinger, Hartington, 136-8, Pete
>> High jump, 5-7, Jaci Brahmer, Pierce, 5-7, Brahmer
>> Long jump, 19-6½, Tierra Williams, Auburn, (Tied for No. 3 all-time), 19-6½, Williams
>> Triple jump, 40-2, Williams, (No. 4 all-time), 39-4, Williams
>> Pole vault, 11-7, Allexis Menghini, North Platte, 11-7, Menghini

* * *


(Non-relay events only; gold medalists in bold type)

>> 100 meters: A, Kenzo Cotton, Papillion-La Vista, 10.41; B, Jake Paulsen, Cozad, 10.88; D, Kaden Huxoll, Cambridge, 11.06
>> 200: A, Cotton, 21.31
>> 400: D, Huxoll, 50.19
>> 800: D, Austin Blume, Hitchcock County, 1:59.63
>> 1,600: A, Mohamed Hamdan, Lincoln North Star, 4:14.35
>> 3,200: none
>> 110 hurdles: A, Josh Banderas, Lincoln Southwest, 14.53; D, Ryan Dahlgren, Bertrand, 14.86
>> 300 hurdles: D, Dahlgren, 40.08
>> Shot put: none
>> Discus: A, 173-4, Nick Petersen, Kearney
>> High jump: A, Stacy Keely, Omaha Northwest, 6-10; C, Logan Clounce, Centennial, 6-6; D, Austin Smith, Pawnee City, 6-5
>> Long jump: none
>> Triple jump: C, Derek Zimmerman, Freeman, 44-9¼
>> Pole vault: A, Steven Cahoy, Grand Island, 15-8; B, CJ Huber, York, 14-0.

>> 100 meters: B, Tierra Williams, Auburn, 12.27; C, Michaela Mestl, Kearney Catholic, 12.70
>> 200: C, Kalyn Brannagan, Shelton, 25.91 (now at Kearney Catholic); D, Alyssa Frauendorfer, Humphrey, 25.99
>> 400: B, Molly Sughroue, McCook, 57.54; C, Dani Riesberg, Crofton, 58.97
>> 800: B, Sughroue, 2:15.20; C, Michaela Bubak, Lincoln Christian, 2:19.15; D, Ashley Heine, Wynot, 2:19.90
>> 1,600: B, Gabi Gracia, Holdrege, 5:07.02; C, Marissa DeWispelare, David City Aquinas, 5:16.13
>> 3,200: B, Gracia, 11:23.05; C, DeWispelare, 11:28.89
>> 100 hurdles: B, Taylor Thiele, Aurora, 15.22; C, Brannagan, 15.08; D, KC Heimann, Howells, 15.63 (now at Class C Howells-Dodge)
>> 300 hurdles: A, Rachel Bramhall, Papillion-La Vista South, 43.58; B, Julianna Burr, Holdrege, 44.92. C, Brannagan, 45.08
>> Shot put: A, Toni Tupper, Lincoln Northeast, 43-9; B, Tori Sutter, Beatrice, 42-2; C, Samantha Lierman, Wisner-Pilger, 40-6½
>> Discus: C, Alex Meyer, Superior, 141-1; D, Kaylee Jensen, Lindsay Holy Family, 138-6
>> High jump: C, Rochelle Wendland, Arapahoe, 5-3; D, Catherine Weeder, Lindsay Holy Family, 5-4 (now at Class B Boone Central/Newman Grove)
>> Long jump: B, Tiani Reeves, Gothenburg, 18-7½; D, Frauendorfer, 18-1
>> Triple jump: B, Williams, Auburn, 36-9½; C, Paige Hervert, Kearney Catholic, 37-7¼; D, Frauendorfer, Humphrey, 37-1¾
>> Pole vault: A, Allexis Menghini, North Platte, 11-2; C, Brooke Frederick, Hershey, 10-10

* * *


Athletes who have made The World-Herald’s all-time charts and when they compete during the state meet (*—mark from 2012):


Listed by name and school, followed by all-time place, event, mark, and the state meet final schedule.

Kenzo Cotton, Papio-LV
2nd, 100, *10.41, 12:30 p.m. Saturday
1st, 200, *21.31, 3:40 p.m. Saturday

Danny Aldaba, Fremont
3rd, 1,600, *4:12.24, 2:30 p.m. Saturday
9th, 3,200, *9:14.06, 12:15 p.m. Friday

Mohamed Hamdan, Lin. North Star
6th, 1,600, *4:14.39, 2:30 p.m. Saturday

Joe Harter, Millard West
2nd, 3,200, 9:05.34, 12:15 p.m. Friday

Papillion-La Vista
2nd (tie), 400 relay, 41.79, 11:30 a.m. Saturday

9th (tie), 400 relay, 42.10, 11:30 a.m. Saturday

Lincoln Pius X
2nd, 1,600 relay, 3:17.71, 5:30 p.m. Saturday

Grant Anderson, Wayne
7th (tie), high jump, 7-0, 3 p.m. Friday

Steven Cahoy, Grand Island
3rd, pole vault, 16-3¼, 9 a.m. Friday


Alyssa Thavenet, Lincoln Pius X
10th, 800, 2:14.60, 9:45 a.m. Saturday

Rachel Bramhall, Papio South
4th, 300 H, *43.58, 3:10 p.m. Saturday

Lincoln Pius X
7th, 1,600 relay, 3:56.57, 4:45 p.m. Saturday

Aaliyah Pete, Elkhorn South
3rd, shot put, 49-11, 1 p.m. Saturday

Tierra Williams, Auburn
3rd (tie), long jump, 19-6½, 3 p.m. Friday
4th, triple jump, 40-2, 11 a.m. Saturday

Paige Hervert, Kearney Catholic
10th, triple jump, 38-10, 3:30 p.m. Saturday

Allexis Menghini, North Platte
7th, pole vault, *12-1, 9 a.m. Saturday

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