Published Tuesday, July 30, 2013 AT 7:00 AM / Updated at 7:01 PM
Husker Camp Countdown: No. 4 Ciante Evans
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

From now until the start of fall camp, The World-Herald will be counting down the top 50 players you need to know heading into the 2013 football season.

Ciante Evans | 5-foot-11 | 190 pounds | Sr. | Defensive back

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Within the Nebraska defense, the nickel position often carries an elevated status. Head coach Bo Pelini won’t trust just any player with the full range of responsibilities that come with the position. The guy has to be able to cover the slot receiver and even occasionally tight ends. He has to be ready to make quick tackles on the edge when linebackers bounce ballcarriers to the corner. He has to sit in the box and occasionally square up a lead blocker. And he has to get home on blitzes on occasion. The Nebraska nickel — dubbed the “Peso” by the Husker defensive braintrust years ago — is much more than a third corner.

And Evans — a heady, more-athletic-than-he-looks senior — is NU’s most talented defender after a big junior campaign. Pelini gave Evans high praise at Big Ten media days, suggesting that Evans knew the position even better than the pacesetting Peso, Eric Hagg. Evans lacks Hagg’s sheer length, but he’s probably faster and possesses equally good ballskills.

How much impact Evans can have at nickel may depend on how comfortable Nebraska feels about its edge corners getting the job done. If they can’t, Evans slides out there and becomes the Huskers’ top corner. He’s more effective — and affects more of the game — at nickel.

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