Published Wednesday, August 7, 2013 AT 2:58 PM / Updated at 3:29 PM
Quick Husker roster takes
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Several roster takes for the 30 minutes we took in practice Tuesday night:

>> Junior college defensive end Randy Gregory looks as advertised – in other words, how he said to me and others, several times, he’d look. He’s 6-foot-6, 255 pounds. Long and big. Nebraska had him working with the No. 2s today, but it’s all so preliminary that it isn’t much use trying to unpack some kind of depth schedule on defense.

>> Freshman corner Boaz Joseph doesn’t look, off the hoof, to be a low three-star corner. He’s listed at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds and looks all of it. The lack of ACC/SEC interest around that kid is still perplexing. Maybe it was a speed thing. Nebraska doesn’t need him this year, so after a redshirt, watch for him. Most corners don’t really learn how to play corner the right way until college anyhow.

>> Johnny Stanton is the tallest of the Husker scholarship quarterbacks by perhaps a hair. His throwing motion for now starts well behind his ear and shades to three-quarters. Stanton throws a good-looking ball.

>> Imani Cross indeed looks bigger, almost as much to play some H-back, fullback stuff. I suspect he’ll be at running back for now.

>> King Frazier’s a walk-on running back who came here despite a scholarship offer to Indiana. He’s up with the top units, and though that may not last in terms of running back, watch him on special teams, perhaps. There’s room for him to contribute.

>> Taariq Allen looked OK running the few routes we saw. Hurt the knee last year, you’ll recall, in the Michigan game. How that holds up on the field will be another question. Quincy Enunwa’s earned a lot of PT and he’ll take it. Enunwa is so cut and in shape at this point that I suspect he won’t need much rest during games.

>> Vincent Valentine has redistributed some of the bad weight.

>> He’ll need a year, but Dwayne Johnson has the most impressive frame right now of the three freshmen offensive linemen.

>> Chongo Kondolo’s wide. Definitely an interior guy. Matt Finnin’s listed at 6-foot-7, but he looks even with Jeremiah Sirles, who’s listed at 6-6.

>> Max Pirman’s now at tight end. That’ll be an uphill climb unless he moves quickly this fall. Sam Cotton strikes me as the No. 2 guy, and Trey Foster can block.

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