Published Friday, August 23, 2013 AT 1:07 PM / Updated at 1:32 PM
Video: Pelini’s prank gets Huskers riled up for movie night
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Last Friday, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini’s football team had already held one practice and had an evening workout on the schedule, too.

Pelini wanted to surprise his players with a movie night, but he wanted to do it in style. So when his players were gathered for a pre-practice meeting, this happened:

In the video (courtesy of the Huskers’ YouTube account), Pelini pulls an elaborate prank with the help of senior defensive tackle Thad Randle.

While Pelini is speaking to the players, Randle’s phone goes off — breaking a strict “no phones” policy during meetings. Pelini puts his hands on his hips, lowers his head, and promptly exits while assistants stress the no cell phone rule. Pelini returns — “Whose phone was it?” he asks — and promptly smashes the phone with a hammer and escorts Randle into the hallway.

Then things escalate. Loud noises come from outside — a scuffle, perhaps — as the tension in the room builds. Players can be seen trying to get a glimpse of the action when the following message shows up on the large video screen at the front of the room:

“Got Ya! We’re going to a movie tonight. — Bo”

The players, realizing they’ve been duped, erupt into cheers and laughter.

Bo returns to rib freshman tight end Cethan Carter: “Cethan, you look like you saw a ghost. That scare ya, big boy?”

The video sheds a bit of light on a previous Twitter message from freshman QB Johnny Stanton, who posted this last Friday night: “Coach Bo just got us BAD.”

As staff writer Sam McKewon notes, it’s not the first fake fight Pelini has staged with one of his players. In 2008, right after he took the NU job, Pelini and Matt Slauson pulled a prank on the rest of the Huskers.

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