Published Saturday, September 7, 2013 AT 11:06 PM / Updated at 12:23 AM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 56, Southern Miss 13
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald


The pass rush. Led by force of nature Randy Gregory, the pass rush arrived like a blast from the past. That changed the defense and the game. Also, Taylor Martinez’s shoulder. There were no signs of last weekend’s “injury.” Martinez took a couple of shots and bounced up, and threw the ball well, including three touchdowns.


The USM uniforms, specifically the two-toned yellow and white pants. I thought it was kind of a cool LSU look until I saw the pants. Didn’t work for me.


Lot of candidates, but I’m going with Kenny Bell. Not just for his touchdown catch, but for what he’s done for the kickoff return unit. Bell had two returns for 89 yards, including one for 63. That’s such a big lift for NU’s special teams. Bell doesn’t waste any time. He’s fast and he has good downfield vision.


I couldn’t help but wonder this week how it would have been to play this game in Hattiesburg, Miss., or New Orleans coming off the Wyoming game. Playing at home never hurts; NU benefited more than financially. We’ll find out what this means next weekend. UCLA’s a much different animal, but I expect the Huskers and their crowd to bring their best, too. The offense can play better and will have to next week.

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