Published Saturday, September 14, 2013 AT 3:38 PM / Updated at 10:28 PM
Tom’s Takes: UCLA 41, Nebraska 21
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Lots to like

The first half. The moment of silence and the releasing of yellow and blue balloons by the student section. Nice touch. Kenny Bell’s shake and bake. Scoring off a UCLA turnover and the botched punt. Three Imani Cross runs, when he was in there. Did we mention the first half?

Not so much

The entire second half, the lack of backbone on this team, no adjustments, but we’ll deal with that in Sunday’s column. For now, go with this: giving the fake punt to senior backup defensive tackle Brodrick Nickens. God love him and his effort on the play, but he’s not the guy you need on that one. Maybe it was designed to fool everyone. It did, except for UCLA, which stopped him just short of the first down.

Harry Grimminger Award

Quincy Enunwa. Three catches, two touchdowns. He’s a money man. When they can find him.

Bottom line

The forecast calls for a long next six weeks, chilly in spots but potentially turning to apathy. This one’s a stain that the coaching staff and players won’t be able to wash off for a long time, if ever this season.

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