Published Saturday, September 21, 2013 AT 7:16 PM / Updated at 10:02 PM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 59, SDSU 20
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Lot to like

Start with Tommy Armstrong. Smooth, confident, decisive. Handled the moment. Showed nice touch on deep throws. Ran the option. The future is bright. Also, I liked the simplified offense by Tim Beck. Kept it simple for the QBs. Keep it simple for Taylor when he gets back. Also, the reception for Bo Pelini and team as they came out. Set the right tone.

Not so much

Nebraska ball security. Nebraska tackling. Allowing an FCS team to turn the corner for 15 yards. Also, SDSU’s decision to punt with fourth-and-2 at the 50 in the second quarter. Jackrabbits were down 21-17. Zach Zenner was averaging 9.6 yards a carry. What did they have to lose by going for it?

Harry Grimminger Award

Ron Kellogg. He knows Tommy Armstrong is the future. But RKIII got his licks in yesterday, leading the offense and making some nice throws and helping Armstrong all the while. That’s leadership. Guys like Kellogg provide the backbone to a team. It was nice to see the Westside kid have his moments, too. He certainly deserves them.

Bottom line

The nonconference season is over. What did we learn? Nebraska’s offense has a lot of answers. The defense has a lot of questions. NU is 3-1 with eight games left. Huskers should get to nine wins. Can they get to 10 or 11? A lot will depend on tightening that defense by November.

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Video: Nebraska coach Bo Pelini talks after the game:

Video: Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong talks after the game:

Video: Nebraska QB Ron Kellogg talks after the game:

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