Published Sunday, October 6, 2013 AT 10:39 PM / Updated at 10:56 PM
Last Call: Sunday night edition
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

1. This hardly qualifies as a shocker, but the big news of the weekend was the report last night that Tom Osborne will be on the playoff selection committee. I’m all for diversity on the committee, you don’t just need former coaches, but if you’re going to put a former coach on the committee, Osborne would be the one. He’s intelligent, fair and logical, in any order.

2. I have no problem with Condoleezza Rice on the committee. I live with one of the smartest football fans I know and she’s a she. Also, if you’ve dealt with affairs of state and Iraq, you should be able to figure out Alabama-Oregon. Somebody cracked that Rice will have to leave the room if the committee discusses Iraq. Good line. They should have said Stanford. Did you happen to see Rice at the Stanford game last night? By the way, when did Stanford get so much speed?

3. As Lee Barfknecht wrote today, Ohio State-Northwestern was a great promotion for Big Ten football. Maybe not so much for Northwestern football; did you see all the red in the stands? It was hard to miss during any crowd shot. You wonder if the Big Ten will consider putting some of its heavyweight games on prime time in November.

4. The Husker fans I was hanging out with during that game Saturday night were rooting for the Wildcats. Dirk Chatelain asked on Twitter who Husker fans would root for, given the Northwestern Legends Division angle, and it wasn’t even close. Maybe fans just love a good underdog story, maybe they already hate Ohio State. They were bummed out when Northwestern lost. If the Wildcats lose again next Saturday at Wisconsin, Nebraska might have a two-game lead on the purple people.

5. Got a couple of emails today about Bo Pelini yelling at John Papuchis late in the game, caught on TV. I didn’t see it, as I leave the press box with six minutes left to head down to the field. Bo’s history is he yells, and it’s never personal.

6. Peyton Manning vs. Tony Romo couldn’t have ended any other way, could it? Terrific game, though. I’m beginning to wonder if the football rules gods will ever tilt the game back toward the defense. There’s a scoring epidemic in the game, but it’s too much fun.

7. Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0 with three home games coming up and a chance to be 8-0 at the halfway point. And nobody called that.

8. I caught the end of the Kansas State-Oklahoma State game on WHB driving home last night, including the Bill Snyder post-game interview. Snyder was very good, and his answer about the team not accepting his basic tenants of discipline was telling. Snyder might be at an age where he’s not going to reach the kids anymore. Sometimes, too, you get a batch of kids who take a while or never get it, especially if you go the juco route. I also think Collin Klein was just that good.

9. Iowa has six games left, and will probably be favored in one (Purdue) and might need to win at Nebraska to make a bowl game. Iowa State is looking at similar climb. In other news, we’re a month from basketball.

10. This just in: the Vikings are signing Josh Freeman. Sweet dreams, Vikes fans.

11. See you tomorrow for Lunch with Tom. I promise to be in a better mood this week.

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