Published Sunday, October 13, 2013 AT 10:49 PM / Updated at 10:57 PM
Last Call: Sunday night edition
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

1. Of all the road trips I’ve taken in my career, that was certainly one of them.

2. I wrote this morning that the great quarterback controversy of 2013 was over. That is, it should be. I know it isn’t. I know there will be people talking about it this week. I know the first time Taylor Martinez comes back and turns the ball over, or perhaps throws an incompletion, or just steps on the field, some people will be calling for Tommy Armstrong. I get that. I didn’t get much feedback today from the Husker gallery. Not even from the good Nebraska folks I talked to at Midway Airport. If the topic isn’t over, maybe it’s going to take a well-deserved break.

3. It was a wild day Saturday in college football, from Mack Brown to Johnny Football, and the unpredictability is the game’s biggest draw now. The shape of the season can change on a dime. Take Michigan’s loss to Penn State. It’s only one game. But Michigan does not look good on offense. I think Devin Gardner should change back to his original number; I don’t think he knows who he is. Anyway, it’s one game, but it energized NU fans. With Northwestern’s two losses, it puts the spotlight on Michigan State and Nebraska. At least for this week.

4. I ran into the Omaha TV guys at the Southwest gate at Midway. Boy, you should see what these guys look like off camera. I’m kidding. Sort of. Anyway, we were talking about Nebraska’s bowl trip, because TV guys are always looking for the best deals, as in golf courses. Not me. I never play golf on bowl trips, except in Florida, Texas, Arizona or California. We came up with an early scenario for the Huskers.

>> Win the Big Ten and go to the Rose Bowl.

>> Win out but lose to Ohio State, have a shot at Orange, Sugar or Fiesta at 11-2. Long shot. The ACC has two teams (FSU and Clemson) as does the Pac-12 and SEC and certainly Wisconsin if it wins out would have a shot. But the big bowls haven’t had NU fans in too long. Again, it’s a long shot. That is, NU winning out.

>> Lose two more, including Big Ten title game, probably Outback or Gator. Either one of those could be against Texas A&M or Missouri, though A&M will also be a candidate for a BCS bowl with Johnny Football. And is he fun to watch or what? How about a Missouri-Nebraska bowl match-up?

The only rub with another Florida bowl is that the Big Ten is going to be more careful where it sends teams, and try to avoid sending a team and fan base to the same geographic region two years in a row. Tampa and Jacksonville are close enough to Orlando, where NU has gone the last two years. But if NU made the Big Ten title game, it’s hard to see them falling to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe, Ariz.

I’d have to think if Nebraska makes the Big Ten title game, it would go to the Outback or Gator. If the Huskers don’t make Indy, my best guess would be Tempe. And golf at Grayhawk. Oh, sorry. That’s what the TV guys said.

By the way, the latest bowl projections by the experts at have Nebraska playing South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl. Pay no attention to them, because they clearly are not paying attention.

5. Oh, and I have no comment on the NLCS. Except, money can’t buy you runs.

Have a great bye week. Take your wife out to dinner. Preferably to a place with a TV set.

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