Published Wednesday, October 16, 2013 AT 5:09 PM / Updated at 11:06 PM
Did they send their teammates a post card?
Steven Pivovar Omaha World-Herald

NEW YORK — So what do a couple of young women from the Midwest do when they get an all-expense paid trip to the Big Apple? They go sight-seeing, of course.

The trip to new Big East media day was also the first time Creighton’s Sarah Nelson and Marissa Janning had been to Manhattan.

“We did all the typical touristy stuff,” Nelson said. “Times Square, Empire State Building. All that stuff.”

Janning’s favorite stop Tuesday night was a Times Square store called the Chocolate Factory.

“I love chocolate,” she said. “Sarah wanted me to buy this giant can of chocolate syrup that was about this big.”

Janning held her hands about three feet apart. “I didn’t buy it,” she said, “but I did get my picture taken with it.”

Doug McDermott and Grant Gibbs, who represented the Creighton men’s team, took a Tuesday night trip to Brooklyn.

“It’s definitely not Omaha,” McDermott said. “I think I could live here right out of college, but I don’t know if I would when I got older.”

The location of media day was Chelsea Piers, a redeveloped shipping yard that is now an entertainment and sports district where you can do everything from drive golf balls to go bowling.

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