Published Friday, October 18, 2013 AT 2:43 PM / Updated at 6:28 PM
Tom’s Friday Tailgate
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Welcome to another bye week, this one sponsored by the teen beach movie birthday party and pumpkin patch outing. Can’t beat quality weekend time with the family. Just the same, let me know how the games go tomorrow. And Sunday.

1. Big 12 Schedules over Big Ten Schedules. As critical as I was about some things in the old league, at least Nebraska had a rotation set up where it was going to play either Texas or Oklahoma every year. Nebraska’s Big Ten schedule the next several years is all over the map. Nebraska doesn’t play Michigan, Ohio State or Penn State with any regularity. And in 2018 and 2019, they play Michigan and Ohio State both in the same season. I do like having a Big Ten conference game in September (Michigan, 2018). But this league will tax the passions of the Big Red Husker fan, who will see Rutgers and Maryland as much as Michigan and Penn State.

2. Creighton vs. the USA Today’s Coaches Poll. I thought moving to the Big East was supposed to enhance the Jays’ hoop cred. All that experience back, and no love in the first top 25 poll? Maybe the coaches think the Jays will get overwhelmed in the new league. I don’t buy it.

3. Florida State 38, Clemson 35. Winner take all in Death Valley. That means FSU joins the national title race and freshman quarterback James Winston jumps into the Heisman ring. This was a tough one, trying to pick from coaches named Jimbo and Dabo.

4. Ohio State 28, Iowa 17. Both are coming off a bye week and that shouldn’t matter, either way. What should is the forecast for rain and the fact that Mark Weisman is healthy, or as healthy as he can be. The Iowa run game will be in full mudder mode and will keep this relatively close. If you can consider the point spread your relative.

5. Baylor 56, Iowa State 21. Remember when the Cyclones got jobbed at the end of the Texas game? Those were the days.

6. Missouri 20, Florida 13. Last week I picked against Ol’ Mizzou and I was called a hater and a traitor. This week, don’t call me a Gator.

7. Wisconsin 49, Illinois 35. The Illini will score, but they can’t stop the run. And the Badgers can’t stop running.

8. Oklahoma 42, Kansas 13. Last week Charlie Weis fired himself as offensive coordinator and reshuffled the deck chairs, I mean, coaching staff. Yes, this is so much better than Turner Gill.

9. I will DVR the Florida State-Clemson game but it will be mysteriously erased and replaced by “Girl vs. Monster” or “The Cheetah Girls 2.” Whatever happened to Raven, anyway?

10. Broncos 34, Colts 24. Indy owner Jim Irsay only said what many have thought, or said out loud, about Peyton Manning. But it was incredibly bad form and a cheap shot. If Manning gets credit for “only one Super Bowl win” — and as a San Diego Bolts fan, I’d trade places with Colts fans any day — then the quarterback also gets credit for building the Lucas Oil Thunderdome. I’m not smart enough to know whether it was Irsay or GM Bill Polian or injuries or Manning not being clutch enough — or simply having the misfortune of being in the Bill Belicick and Tom Brady Era. But most of the time in sports, intelligence and competence starts at the top. Insert your own punch line. As for the game, Manning and the Broncos are already better than the Colts. I think Manning plays great, the Colts play tight and we turn our attention to Broncos-Chiefs in a few weeks.

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