Published Sunday, November 3, 2013 AT 10:41 PM / Updated at 10:46 PM
Last Call: Sunday Night edition
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

1. Great newspaper today. Lot of tremendous stuff to read, starting with Joe Duggan’s compelling piece on Johnny Rodgers and the gas station robbery. That’s one of those things I always heard a lot about but never knew much about. Proud to be a small part of this terrific effort.

2. I don’t know if it rated a dog pile in Denver, but for me the big news of the weekend that nobody was talking about was UNO’s impressive sweep at DU. I know Mav hockey has started fast before — finishing has been the issue — but this was huge considering not only the opponent but also the location. And, it was UNO’s first NCHC games. It’s a nice boost to the team’s RPI (Pairwise) after losses to Bentley and Northern Michigan, but more importantly it’s a nice boost to the team’s ego, especially with you-know-Sioux coming to town this weekend. Josh Archibald is who we think he is. And how about that Jake Guentzel? Game on.

3. Heard all about the Hail Mary all day today, and everybody seemed to have a story to tell about where they were. My friend Husker Nick said he screamed so loud watching on TV that his two kids started crying. That’s primal stuff. Now the talk of Nebraska Land is Jordan Westerkamp’s mustache. Guess what the newest trend will be in the stands at the next home game? By the way, who was the last popular Husker to have one?

4. Florida State hops Oregon to No. 2 but it won’t last. Why oh why can’t we just start the playoff this year? How many times will you hear that? I’d love to see how a committee would seed Alabama, Oregon, FSU and Ohio State. I’ll think about that and get back to you Tuesday.

5. John Fox and Gary Kubiak are good reminders: we give this coaches a ton of grief, and yes they make the big bucks, but they’re under a ton of pressure. Only human.

6. See you tomorrow for lunch at 12:30 on As always, my treat.

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