Published Saturday, November 9, 2013 AT 7:20 PM / Updated at 10:24 PM
Nebraska-Michigan: Five things we learned, still don’t know
Rich Kaipust Omaha World-Herald

World-Herald staff writer Rich Kaipust identifies five things we learned (and five things we still don’t know) coming off Nebraska’s 17-13 win over the Michigan Wolverines.

* * *


1. Redshirt freshman quarterback Tommy Armstrong had his rough moments, but he grew up a little on that game-winning drive.

2. Nebraska obviously saw something it liked and wanted to emulate after watching how Michigan State attacked and abused Michigan and quarterback Devin Gardner the week before.

3. The once-loaded NU receiving corps is taking its hits, but senior Quincy Enunwa sure seems to be there every week when the Huskers need him.

4. The short-side option from inside the 10-yard line still lives in the Nebraska playbook.

5. Michigan will be the team answering the pointed questions this week.

* * *


1. How many more injuries can the Nebraska offensive line take? Seriously?

2. Why have the Husker turnover problems popped back up — 11 in the last four games — after NU seemed to have a handle on them?

3. Considering the two factors stated above, is the Nebraska offense ready for Michigan State?

4. Can the Husker defense bottle what it’s had going the last six quarters and play that way the next three weeks?

5. Would an NU-Michigan rivalry have gained much steam had the Big Ten not already clipped its wings after three years with its new divisional splits?

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