Published Saturday, November 9, 2013 AT 9:31 PM / Updated at 11:25 PM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 17, Michigan 13
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Lot to Like: Tommy Armstrong’s cool playmaking on the fourth-quarter touchdown drive. Tim Beck staying with the run. Beck’s instincts on the two big plays on that drive, including the open pass to Kenny Bell. If that play hadn’t worked, the wolves would have howled at Beck for not running. Those kids on defense, bowing up for a second straight week, allowing just three points after two fumbles in NU territory. Bo Pelini and his coaching staff. Under immense pressure and scrutiny, they didn’t lose these kids the last two weeks. They have them right where they want them.

Not so much: For my Husker friends who detest booing, I’ll say it: I didn’t like the booing by the Michigan crowd and I’m glad that’s not something that flies in Lincoln. I understand why fans will boo; they’re only human. And while I’m sure that Michigan fans were booing their coach, there’s no place for it in the college game. That wasn’t a good sound here. I won’t ever advocate that on a Saturday.

Harry Grimminger Player of the Game: Mr. Randy Gregory. Four tackles, three sacks and one whale of a game. Mr. Gregory was in full beast mode on Saturday. And yes, you should call him Mr. Gregory.

Bottom Line: No matter what happens the next three weeks, this was a great win for Pelini’s program. The time and place, the backbone and the youth make it his best win. To win at Michigan with a young quarterback and defense is a strong statement for a coach with a new boss. And, for a series that won’t resume for five years, it’s a perfect walk-off.

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