Published Friday, November 29, 2013 AT 5:59 PM / Updated at 9:47 PM
Tom’s Takes: Iowa 38, Nebraska 17
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Lot to like: Ron Kellogg’s guts. The adjustments and play-calling on the first drive of the second half. For Iowa, the playmaking of quarterback Jake Rudock, with several good downfield throws. And the Hawkeyes’ run defense, especially the active linebackers.

Not so much: The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Bo Pelini. The pass protection for Kellogg and failure to pick up late blitzes. Letting a punt drop when you should have caught it; catching a punt when you should have let it go. Last but not least, calling a fake punt on your own 32 — after Iowa had called a timeout to watch for the fake punt. Yikes.

Harry Gimminger Player of the Game: Jeremiah Sirles. It’s a sentimental pick, because he’s one of my favorites, but he was a leader to the end, showing up at the press conference to talk about what a great experience he had and defend his coach. Ol’ Harry would be proud of Jeremiah.

Bottom line: An uncertain future for Nebraska football, as of this writing. The administrative wheels are turning. As for a bowl, how does Tempe, Ariz., sound against a Big 12 opponent, likely Texas? Sounds like it might be a way to put a positive spin on this season.

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