Published Saturday, November 30, 2013 AT 1:42 AM / Updated at 1:43 AM
Radio announcer speculation on Pelini’s status heard on
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Add another audio mishap to Nebraska’s 2013 football season.

Following NU’s 38-17 loss to Iowa Friday, a video interview posted to of quarterback Ron Kellogg had a glitch — a simultaneous feed of Husker Sports Network play-by-play announcer Greg Sharpe and former NU quarterback Steve Taylor discussing the game and coach Bo Pelini’s future. Sharpe and Taylor were heard clearly each time Kellogg answered a question.

The discussion between Sharpe and Taylor was hypothetical as no decision on Pelini’s status had been made public as of early Saturday morning. Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman told a World-Herald reporter that “you’ll know when we know” about a decision on Pelini.

During the recording — most of which takes place before the taping of the “Taylor’s Takes” segment in which Taylor talks about several aspects of the game, Sharpe can be heard saying Pelini would not be taping his weekly TV show after the game. Former Husker wide receiver and Husker Sports Network analyst Matt Davison, Sharpe says, will do the show in Pelini’s place. It’s unknown if Davison or Pelini attended the taping.

Greg Sharpe: Matt’s doing the TV show. Bo says, ‘If I’m not the head coach any longer, why would I do a TV show that airs in two days?’ I’m like, OK.

Steve Taylor: See, I don’t really think they can make the decision now.

Sharpe: Oh, I think they will. I think it may come out tonight. He just doesn’t know. They haven’t talked to him.

Earlier this year, an audio tape of Pelini blasting media and fans after the 2011 Ohio State game surfaced on Deadspin.

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Audio of Sharpe and Taylor talking during Kellogg’s press conference. The above conversation starts around the 2:25 mark.

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