Published Saturday, November 30, 2013 AT 3:21 PM / Updated at 9:09 PM
Tom Osborne: Eichorst ‘made the right decision’ to keep Pelini
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Former Nebraska coach and athletic director Tom Osborne on Saturday came down fully behind Husker A.D. Shawn Eichorst’s decision, saying there was no cause to fire a coach with the kind of record Pelini has rung up.

“I think Shawn made the right decision,” said Osborne, who had hired Pelini while serving as athletic director in 2008. “You just don’t make a decision to get rid of a coach after an 8-4 season, and five straight 9- or 10-win seasons and three division championships. Bo has had a good record.”

Osborne also said he thinks Pelini and his young team have a good future coming off a season in which the offense in particular was riddled with injuries.

“I look forward to seeing them move forward and I’m sure they’ll improve and have a good year next year,” he said.

Osborne declined to directly address Pelini’s behavior on the sidelines and at a press conference after Friday’s game other than to repeat his belief that he thinks Pelini has made progress in controlling his temper. Osborne also said he’s no longer in a position to give counsel to Pelini or Eichorst regarding such matters.

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