Published Tuesday, January 21, 2014 AT 11:39 AM / Updated at 12:18 PM
The pros of no consolations
Mike Patterson Omaha World-Herald

As colleague Stu Pospisil wrote in Tuesday’s paper, there is a proposal underway to get rid of the state tournament consolation games that were added in 2008.

Not that I have a vote in this matter, but I’d second that motion. And, I’m guessing, so would many coaches.

Those consolations were added to generate more revenue for the NSAA, and some schools — mostly the ones that traveled the greatest distances to state — were OK with it. As someone who interviewed many coaches after semifinal losses Friday, it seemed as though the majority were just ready to head home after the dream of a state title ended.

Many coaches would shrug or just roll their eyes when you wished them good luck in the consolation game the next day. It had to be very difficult for them to motivate their players for that last game that basically decided who finished third or fourth at the tourney.

It always seemed as though those games were forced upon the teams, and it’s good to see the topic is being readdressed.

Here’s hoping the consolation games will become a thing of the past.

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