Published Friday, January 24, 2014 AT 1:47 PM / Updated at 5:24 PM
Tom’s Friday Tailgate, Jan. 24
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Musings before another busy sports weekend:

1. I would be more inclined to watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday if Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders suited up and played. And brought Joe Montana and Troy Aikman with them.

2. How about we bring back the College All-Stars vs. the Super Bowl champs in July? Is anyone old enough to remember that?

3. Don Banks of Sports Illustrated wonders if the NFL Draft should be held this weekend. I like that idea. Have a week’s worth of pro days and then hold the draft at the end of it.

4. Does anyone remember when the NFL held its draft in February?

5. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up.

6. I have no feeling either way about the future of the extra point. But I don’t like it when commissioners feel they have to change a sport for entertainment purposes, like Bud Selig and the baseball All-Star game. I have to admit, though, Roger Goodell’s proposal is intriguing, in the same way Blackjack is intriguing. After you score a touchdown, you can either “stay” or say “hit me” and risk winning or losing points.

7. I’m not a gambler. Seriously.

8. I had a great time writing tomorrow’s column on the power of Georgetown, 30 years later. I can’t think of a more intimidating figure in sports than John Thompson. He makes Bill Belichick look like Mr. Rogers.

9. I love the “Pink Out” game that Creighton does every year, but it seems a little out of place to do it for Georgetown.

10. I saw the Jays’ uniforms for the game, with a pink border around the name and numbers. It reminded me of the Omaha Racers.

11. What’s the over-under on 3-pointers made by Ethan Wragge on Saturday?

12. An enterprising bar or bartender in Omaha could make a lot of money creating a “Wraggebombs” promotion. You know, for every 3 Wragge makes …

13. Tim Miles can coach, but last night at Penn State was not an example. That was a meltdown. When Deverell Biggs drove into the middle near the end and lost the ball, was there a play called there or did Biggs freelance it? Either way, that’s on the coach.

14. There are plenty more opportunities to win in the Big Ten but that one is going to haunt NU this season. The program won’t go anywhere in that league until it learns to take a road game that is all but handed to them.

15. Is UNO hoops running out of gas after all that travel, or is the Summit League tougher than UNO’s stacked non-conference schedule?

16. Another off week for Maverick hockey? They need to develop a better rhythm with their schedule when they build that new arena. It’s hard to build excitement with a program with so much time off.

17. The Richard Sherman postgame interview is the best reason I can think of to not have a bye week before the Super Bowl. I wish Sherman would go off again, just to give us something else to talk about.

18. How about we talk about the rest of his team?

19. Does anyone not want to see snow at the Super Bowl?

Have a great sports weekend.

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