Published Friday, January 24, 2014 AT 1:41 PM / Updated at 2:21 PM
Map: Where do Creighton, Nebraska and UNO’s hoops recruits come from?
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Website Mode Analytics recently published an interactive map showing where the nation’s Division I men’s basketball players come from and which teams and conferences end up landing each state’s top talent.

The map shows data for 4,561 current college players (it excludes international players). The lighter colors indicate fewer players from a state, while darker colors indicate more players.

A few observations looking at the data for Nebraska and its schools:

» Of 95,071 college-aged males in Nebraska, the state produced 17 Division I players.

» Of the state’s 17 players, six are at UNO. Nebraska has four in-state players and Creighton has one.

» The Big Ten and the Summit League are where most of the state’s talent lands, with six Nebraskans in each conference.

» Three Nebraska border states — Iowa, Kansas and Wyoming — have a higher per capita of Div. I players.

And here’s some maps generated for the state’s three Division I schools:

Creighton (17 players shown, with five from Iowa and two from Texas):

Nebraska (12 players shown, with four in-state players and two apiece from Kansas and Texas):

UNO (11 players shown, with six in-state players and two from Minnesota):

For more about the interactive map and the source data, check out Mode’s blog.

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