Published Wednesday, January 29, 2014 AT 5:19 PM / Updated at 5:56 PM
The Twitter war continues: Bo Pelini takes his cat for a private plane ride
Big Red Today Omaha World-Herald

The last time Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini took to social media and mentioned his cat (which is fictional, we think), the Internet went nuts.

That time, Pelini was responding to his satirical Twitter personality, @FauxPelini.

Now, it seems Bo — with a little help from defensive coordinator John Papuchis — is going above and beyond to keep the joke alive.

As Bo boarded a plane Wednesday, presumably to take a Husker recruiting trip, Papuchis unleashed this picture on the Twitterverse:

Yep, that’s a cat carrier in the Nebraska coach’s right hand. Will Faux Pelini even notice his cat’s missing?

It only took Faux an hour to realize his cherished pet was missing:

Whether Bo really has a cat (or whether Papuchis is really allergic) will likely remain shrouded in mystery.


  1. Jesus says:

    Hahaha that’s awesome.

  2. ChrisG-Dawg says:

    Bout time you guys relax a little.