Published Friday, February 7, 2014 AT 4:26 PM / Updated at 4:31 PM
SportsCenter, Faux Pelini, time traveling and one persistent Twitter user
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SportsCenter’s Twitter account was doing its thing Friday, posting about the latest sports news, when it casually tweeted about the opening ceremony of the Winter Games — including a photo of the fireworks show in Sochi, Russia:

Faux Pelini, the popular Twitter parody account, seized the opportunity to play dumb. It’s lunchtime, why is it dark in this mysterious Russia place, Faux wondered in not so many words:

And then a faithful Twitter follower (who apparently doesn’t understand the parody account’s sense of humor) tried to help Faux Pelini understand time zones, the world, and everything else. What happened next — a display of pure persistence that devolved into anger and madness — is perhaps our favorite Faux Pelini Twitter conversation yet:

He almost catches on:

And then doesn’t:

The nice guy who was trying to help starts getting kind of mad:

But Faux’s not phased:

In honor of the Olympics, our judges give this exchange a 10 out of 10.

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