Published Thursday, February 13, 2014 AT 2:26 PM / Updated at 2:54 PM
Get Off My Blog! NCAA rules, Husker hoops and a Fritos sandwich
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Just kidding. You can stay. Feel free to stop by anytime. This post will be here every Thursday.

The gurus behind wanted me to move my Friday musings blog, also known as the Friday Tailgate, to Thursday. So here we go. That’s fine with me. I get a jump start on the weekend, get to comment on things that happened during the week, and, most of all, it’s not my golf day. Although today (52 degrees) would be tempting.

I had to come up with a new name for the blog. Here were some of the candidates that found the cutting room floor:

» Thursday Blog.
» If it’s Thursday, this must be
» Ten More And I’m Outta Here
» Animal House II
» It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Blog
» Huskers and Jays and Mavericks, Oh My!
» Char-Buff Wings and Things
» Big Eight Blogwriter

I decided on “Get Off My Blog!” because I needed something to perfectly set the mood and reflect the spirit of this post every week.

Come on in. But for God’s sakes, wipe your feet.

1. I have no problem with the tweak by the NCAA football rules committee, to allow defenses the chance to substitute during the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock. Then again, I like the chess matches between offense and defense.

2. Rules changes have gone back and forth over the years, like the tide, benefiting offense to defense and back. This is somebody’s way of saying offenses are moving too fast.

3. That’ll teach a non-SEC team to beat Alabama.

4. The reaction to this will be split, offensive coaches vs. defensive. That goes with fans, too. A lot of fans love the offense and see no need to dial back. But some football fans think it’s too much offense, too much video game ball.

5. Me, I like a little strategy thrown in. Let the defense set their chess pieces, then offense can react last.

6. No matter what the clock says, you still have to block and tackle, correct?

7. Good job on taking away the 15-yard penalty when a targeting call has been reversed. Now, if we could only define targeting.

8. As Tony Barnhart of pointed out, none of the people on the rules committee are from a Big Five conference (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC and Pac-12). Now you know why those five want to break away and call their own shots.

9. I had the Frito sandwich at Subway this week. It was very tasty. Thanks for asking.

10. Go ahead and talk NCAA tournament chances, Husker hoops fans. It’s early. Who cares? How often do you get to do this?

11. There’s no magic number, by the way. Some years the Big Ten has had teams win nine league games that didn’t get in. 10 usually works.

12. What would a win at Michigan State do to the atmosphere around this state? And when was the last time Nebraska won a road game like that?

13. If UNO can sweep Denver this weekend, watch the buzz start to build about hockey. Gotta find a way to win on Friday night.

14. I didn’t have huge expectations for Dean Blais, because every situation is different. But I thought he would instill more confidence to win big games and series into this program. There’s still time for that.

15. Some of the Big East teams are getting better. That may not be a good thing for Creighton. Roadies still at Marquette, G-Town and Xavier.

16. I watch Big East games when I can, but I have no interest in anything else on Fox Sports 1.

17. I’m not a Winter Olympics guy either. I wonder what they’re going to do to get the young viewer. You can watch the Winter X Games any year. I turned on figure skating for my girls the other night. They took one look, said that’s nice, and went back to their iPods and such.

18. I wouldn’t make Wichita State a No. 1 seed, based on St. Louis being the Shockers’ best win. But a No. 2 makes sense. And there’s no difference, in terms of who you play in the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

19. They’ve built a studio in the corner of our newsroom. I remember when newsrooms used to have typewriters and ash trays.

20. I’ll try to update this blog tonight after the Creighton game. Tonight’s my annual Valentine’s Day dinner with the family. The girls take me out to dinner. And I buy.

Have a great weekend. Get outside, go watch a game, have fun.

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