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Mad Chatter: Hitting .400 is fine, but can Bo hit any home runs? Petteway to the NBA?

Ready for a recruiting lesson, Husker fans?

Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down the 24 players who signed with Nebraska Wednesday. Close your eyes and cross out 14 random names. Don’t cheat. These are your future failures and big disappointments.

What’s going to happen to them, you ask? One won’t show up in August. Two will get kicked off the team. Three will quit because of injuries. Four will transfer. Four will find their brightest moments on the scout team/kickoff duty.

That leaves 10 names, right? If 10 out of 24 become important pieces in Bo Pelini’s program, the coach deserves a pat on the back. Seriously.

The two best Husker classes of the past decade were 2005 and ’07. Neither hit …

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Mad Chatter: The Good (basketball) Life with Creighton & Husker hoops; Super Bowl

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. We’re heavy on the hoops, including Nebraska’s win over Indiana and Creighton’s 8-1 start. We cover Russell Westbrook and Joe Buck, Chatrice White and Will Shields, Super Bowl rankings and Northwestern’s proposal to unionize college athletes, Bill Callahan and Monte Kiffin.

But first, the impenetrable fortresses of CenturyLink Center and Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Let’s say Creighton beats DePaul at home on Feb. 7. Let’s say Nebraska beats Illinois at home on Feb. 12.

If that happens, a full calendar year will pass with one home loss between the two programs. One!

As I tweeted last night, Creighton and Nebraska are 26-1 at home since Feb. 16, 2013. And the only defeat was NU’s one-point, …

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Mad Chatter: Petteway and the path to prosperity, Creighton v. Wichita, UNO hoops

Occasionally, amid the cloud of struggle and frustration, a blueprint emerges. A plan!

Nebraska knocked off Minnesota Sunday at Pinnacle Bank Arena, a result that surprised no one who’s taken a few rides on the Husker basketball roller coaster.

It’s tempting to look back at Michigan and Penn State and say, dang, if Nebraska had only won one of those games! But I’m more interested in the future.

I watched last night and saw a team Tom Izzo and Bo Ryan may have to take seriously the next two years. The Huskers shared the ball — 19 assists in 25 baskets. They took it to the rim. They hit open shots. They got a boost from the home crowd. They rode their alpha dog, Terran …

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Mad Chatter: Gesell, Eliason & NU hoops talent; Charlton Warren; a CU ‘what-if’

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. We cover Kevin Love and Doug McDermott, Kansas and Wichita State hoops, the Ninja Blacksox and the Ghastly Monsters, the AFC and NFC champs and Bo Pelini’s new secondary coach. But first, Nebraska’s basketball exports.

Wednesday night, I listened to Fran McCaffery’s radio show — “Hawk Talk”. A caller asked about his point guard, Mike Gesell. McCaffery raved for three minutes, maybe more. About Gesell’s work ethic, intellect and improving skill set. He’s just the type of kid you want to build a program with, McCaffery said.

Thursday night, I watched Minnesota-Ohio State on ESPN2. The announcers, specifically Sean Farnham, went on and on about Elliott Eliason’s impact on the game. ESPN.com’s Myron Medcalf …

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Mad Chatter: Creighton’s perfect half, Husker hoops & “Bracket Wednesday”

There’s no such thing as perfection on a basketball court. Too much time in a game, too many possessions, too many moving parts.

Some sports are textbook subjects like math. A baseball player knows where he’s going with the ball before the pitch. Almost every play, there’s a right answer and a wrong answer. Basketball is more free-flowing, like writing or art. Each possession has hundreds of potential scenarios, determined by instincts as much as decisions.

No, there’s no such thing as perfection. But Creighton’s first half Tuesday night at CenturyLink was about as close it gets. A (basketball) drug so pure that Walter White would’ve been proud — the blue stuff! At one point, the Jays scored on 14 straight possessions. In the final …

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Mad Chatter: The Superest Sunday, McDermott’s critics, Husker struggles

2 p.m. Tom Brady v. Peyton Manning.

5:30 p.m. Pete Carroll v. Jim Harbaugh.

Yeah, the Super Bowl will be great. But if I’m planning a party for purely football reasons, it’s this week. It’s this doubleheader. Embrace the heck out of it.

You get perhaps the best quarterback rivalry in NFL history followed by the hottest new team rivalry in the sport, each with a Super Bowl berth at stake. The ratings will break records for championship weekend. The consequences — especially for Peyton Manning — will be seismic.

Manning’s playoff record is 10-11, compared to Brady’s 18-7. If Manning completes his record-breaking regular season with a Super Bowl, he can make a case for being the best of all-time. But if he loses …

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Mad Chatter: Ameer’s chance to lead, calling out Husker basketball fans, Creighton stats

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. There’s a massive plate this morning, including my beef with Husker hoops fans, Twitter poll results, my NFL playoff picks, James Franklin, Bobby Petrino, pre-preseason Top 25s, the worst basketball travel you’ve ever seen, Creighton’s road without Grant Gibbs and much more. But first, No. 8 is coming back.

Bo Pelini and I had a conversation in November about his defense. This was right after Minnesota, after a press conference in which I asked him a number of questions, trying to figure out what separated this defense from his best defenses.

He said he liked his talent — a lot. But he also stressed that he needed more leadership. More communication. More guys who …

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Mad Chatter: The BCS champions playoff, Petrino to Louisville, what to take from Michigan State’s run

You are looking live at the first (and last) BCS championship playoff selection show. BCS? Playoff? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Perhaps. But before we move on to a new, glorious era of college football, let’s merge past and future. Today we present the BCS champions bracket, complete with all 16 national champs since the BCS inception in 1998.

You the fans are invited to email me your full-bracket picks (dirk.chatelain@owh.com). I’ll post the results in Friday’s Mad Chatter.


No. 1. Miami 2001 vs. No. 4 LSU 2007: Widely considered the most talented team in BCS history, Miami draws the only two-loss champion. Can Bo Pelini’s Tigers fare better against the ‘Canes than Craig Bohl’s Blackshirts?

No. 2 Alabama 2012 vs. No.

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Mad Chatter: Our football binge is (almost) over; FSU ’13 v. NU ’95, Wild Card thoughts

Tonight ends the best seven-day football extravaganza of the year. How’s this for one week:

Tuesday: Johnny Football goes out in style on New Year’s Eve, rallying his team from 21 down against Duke.

Wednesday: Three entertaining Big Ten/SEC match-ups, followed by a quality Rose Bowl and a surprising Fiesta Bowl.

Thursday: The biggest stunner of the bowl season — OU over Alabama. Bob Stoops’ revenge.

Friday: Cotton and Orange go head-to-head, each producing nail-biters. (Seeing Ohio State go down is a nice bonus.)

Saturday: The craziest NFL playoff game since _____? Kansas City goes down — so does Chip Kelly.

Sunday: Bengal Misery at noon, followed by Packers-Niners in minus-15 wind chills. The TV audience for that one: …

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Mad Chatter: Oklahoma and Oreos; the SEC’s slow decline, Creighton & Husker hoops

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. There’s so much ground to cover, from Michigan State’s rise to the SEC’s decline, from Creighton and Husker hoops to Texas’ coaching search, from NFL playoff picks to online dating sites. But first, Oklahoma vs. Nebraska.

Forget rankings. Forget win totals. Forget margin of defeat. Forget all the measurements we use to judge whether Bo Pelini is doing a good job.

I just want to see Nebraska play like THAT again. Just for one night.

I’m talking about the Sugar Bowl. I’m talking about NU’s old rival. The Sooners entered the lion’s den last night, spotted The Great Alabama seven points, then rolled their schooner right over Nick Saban’s elephant-sized ego.

45-31. Dang, …

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