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Pelini, Richt speak in Orlando

Two separate press conferences. Two parallel themes. Nebraska’s Bo Pelini and Georgia’s Mark Richt were in Orlando Thursday to help promote the Capital One Bowl matchup.

Both coaches tackled similar topics Thursday — because, really, their teams (which fell short of their preseason goals last weekend) seem to be in somewhat comparable positions. The highlights are below…


>> Said Pelini: “Everybody who plays the sport of football or plays athletics
goes through a tough time. The way you’re defined isn’t by what happened to you, it’s by how you react to it. Our guys are looking forward to the next opportunity to go out there and play.”

>> And Richt, whose Bulldogs lost a 32-28 thriller to Alabama in the SEC title …

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Nebraska headed back to Orlando

Hope you enjoyed Disney World. For the second straight year, the Huskers will make a postseason appearance in the Capital One Bowl.

Nebraska was announced as the Big Ten representative Sunday afternoon. It will face an opponent from the SEC — most likely Georgia, according to various Twitter reports. The match-up may not be finalized until after the BCS standings are released Sunday night (maybe around 7:30).

The Huskers lost a 30-13 game to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl last year. That was their first Orlando bowl appearance since after the 1990 season.

This year’s game will kick off at noon. ABC will carry the broadcast.…

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Practice report: Beck says Southern Miss has speed

It’s game week. Finally. But there is still some uncertainty surrounding several aspects of the Huskers’ offense as Nebraska prepares for the season opener against Southern Miss.

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck met with reporters after Monday’s practice and shared a bit of insight, but (not surprisingly) left most questions unanswered.

Don’t worry, things will be more clear on Saturday. For now, though, here are a few highlights from Nebraska’s post-practice session with the media…

>> Southern Miss head coach Ellis Johnson was South Carolina’s defensive coordinator last year, so one would expect the Golden Eagles’ defense to contain some schematically parallel concepts to Nebraska’s Capital One Bowl opponent, right? “He’s now the head coach, so certainly that can be some aspect of it,” Beck said. …

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Dennard ready to answer questions at NFL combine

Alfonzo Dennard’s last college highlight was an on-field fight with South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery, where cameras caught the former Husker throwing a punch during the second half of the Capital One Bowl.

Dennard knows that same image will be on the minds of front office personnel, coaches and scouts while he’s sitting down with them at this week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis.

“When I was at the Senior Bowl, all of the teams, the first thing, that’s what they asked me about,” Dennard said.

And what did he say?

“I told them that I just got frustrated,” Dennard said. “We, as a team, lost our focus. The game just got out of hand. … I take that blame. I’m not that type of person. …

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David gets chance to shine

Initial reports from the Senior Bowl make it sound as if former Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David is off to a good start.

According to Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown, David “flashed the outstanding instincts that help the Cornhusker star overcome his lack of ideal size. David was seemingly always one of the first guys to arrive around the action and even made a few plays that weren’t even on his side of the field.”

That last comment is not surprising to anybody who watched their share of Nebraska games the last two seasons. That’s how David racked up 285 tackles over two seasons with the Huskers.

From Pro Football Weekly: “What stands out to me about Lavonte David is his competitiveness. He’s not strong …

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Husker notes from Thursday’s Outland banquet

Former Husker Jared Crick — Cletus Fischer Native Son Award in hand — delivered his acceptance speech at Thursday night’s Outland dinner. Then he turned and looked at Alabama’s Barrett Jones.

He congratulated Jones, the 2011 Outland Trophy winner. Then Crick revealed what impressed him most about Jones: The fact that the talented offensive tackle (who’s already graduated) will stay for his senior year.

“It takes a determined individual to give up as much money as you’re going to be giving up,” Crick said.

Crick considered entering the NFL draft after his junior season, but remained at Nebraska and earned his undergraduate degree last summer. As you all know, he tore his left pectoral muscle in October, ending his college career.

But Crick said he’ll …

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ESPN to blame for NU’s low bowl rating?

Bowl TV ratings took a giant hit this year; viewership for 2011 games were down 15 percent from last year, according to the Sports Business Journal.

Stunning? No. Fans are showing bowl, BCS and ESPN fatigue all at once, and the poor attendance and viewership numbers – combined with an instant, almost unsettling fascination with the NFL and Tim Tebow — is what’s making conference commissioners, including the Big Ten’s Jim Delany, seriously consider a Plus One.

They also need to seriously consider getting the dang BCS off ESPN, too. And a good number of the other bowl games need to look at bailing, too.

Here’s why: The rating for the Michigan State-Georgia Outback Bowl (5.1 on ABC) compared to that of the Nebraska-South Carolina …

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Examining Nebraska’s third down efficiency

Just a quick statistical compilation here, highlighting the ever-important third down situations during Nebraska’s 2011 football season.

To the stat geeks of the world: Enjoy.


>> When the Huskers needed 3 yards or fewer, they converted 65.6 percent of their third downs.

>> When they needed at least 8 yards — which was 41 percent of their third down scenarios in 2011 — the conversion rate dropped to 28.6 percent.

>> Get this: In Nebraska’s final four games, the Huskers faced third-and-8 or longer on 28 different occasions. They converted four of those. To make matters worse, those 28 attempts accounted for 65 percent of their total third downs during that stretch (Penn State, Michigan, Iowa and South Carolina). … So in other words, …

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Dirk’s Brunch Bites, Jan. 5

The empty seats are everywhere.

In little cities like Shreveport. In big cities like Miami.

Slumping bowl attendance is a hot topic in college football. The numbers have dropped 3 percent since last year and are among the lowest in 30 years.

Why aren’t people going to games? Surely the economy is a factor. But Birmingham columnist Jon Solomon says something else is at work. College football fans are fed up with the sport. I have friends who say the same thing. They refuse to watch bowl games because they’re either boring, meaningless or both.

For the record, Orlando’s Citrus Bowl was a few thousand short of capacity for the South Carolina-Nebraska game. Pretty good crowd for a non-BCS game.

>> When the NCAA

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Tom’s Take: Capital One Bowl

World-Herald sports columnist Tom Shatel offers his key observations from Nebraska’s 30-13 loss to South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl.

* * *

The media covering this shindig voted for the MVP. However, I didn’t get a vote. I sure wouldn’t have picked South Carolina junior receiver Alshon Jeffery. As big as his impact was, he was ejected from the game for trading swings with Alfonzo Dennard. You don’t get thrown out of a game and win the MVP award. How silly is that?

Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck will take his shots from the peanut gallery, and some are deserved. But Nebraska had a good game plan, especially in the first half. Beck strayed a couple of times, …

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