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Midseason review: The top 10 defensive plays

This isn’t ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” So don’t get your hopes up. But as sequel to Sam McKewon’s Top 10 list of key offensive plays for Nebraska, below are the Huskers’ best defensive moments at the season’s midway point. The countdown’s certainly debatable. Feel free to chime in.

10. The two-point conversion stand vs. Fresno State: Nothing incredibly spectacular here — just good, sound defense. Quarterback Derek Carr rolled out, but the Huskers closed in and forced to throw the football away because nobody was open. Had the Bulldogs converted there, they would have tied the game up at 28 with 12:06 minutes left to play. Big moment.

9. Jared Crick’s fourth-down stop vs. Tennessee-Chattanooga: The Mocs were flirting with a momentum-changing drive early in the season …

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Final thoughts from Bo

Coach Bo Pelini’s last media session before Saturday’s match-up against Washington was a brief one. Lasted less than two minutes.

The benefit of a short-length interview is that it doesn’t take too long to type out a full transcript. And it fits quite nicely on this blog. Happy reading!

Reporter: What’s Alfonzo Dennard’s status?
Bo Pelini: Questionable.

R: Did he practice today?
BP: Yeah, he did some work out there.

R: How do you feel about how you finished up the week?
BP: I thought we had a good week. You know, got a lot of things accomplished. We’ll find out on Saturday.

R: Did you like the way your defense responded?
BP: Find out Saturday.

R: They did what they needed to do this

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