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Mad Chatter: My starting five of the 21st century; studying Baylor, Creighton

Before getting to our regularly scheduled Chatter, I’m nominating you as a voter. Here’s your task: Name the best five college basketball players of the past 15 years.

It’s a tricky job, because you’re often comparing elite freshmen like Kevin Durant against seniors who didn’t have the same NBA careers, but were phenomenal college players for three or four years. I define “best” by peak performance. Put it this way: If you were captain of a pick-up game on every player’s last day of college basketball, who would be your ideal five?

Study your cheat sheet — don’t limit yourselves to the first-team All-Americans — and I think you’ll see a talent gap between the late-90s to the early 2000s. That’s when college basketball …

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Mad Chatter: Five Husker Sundays, Creighton’s sharpshooters, a bracket pool you haven’t seen

On the first Sunday, Husker basketball fans tuned in reluctantly. A road game at Michigan State? Only 11 days after NU got whacked at Michigan? Yikes. Could get ugly.

It was Feb. 16 and Nebraska was 13-10, 5-6 in the league. Tim Miles’ team had played better lately, climbing into the Big Ten’s top half still felt like a four-year process.

NCAA tournament? Haha. That’s funny. I was pitching “Project .500.” Get to 9-9 in the league. That’s a nice goal, right?

Walt Pitchford took a 3 on the first possession — doesn’t he always? 3-0. Then David Rivers hit a 3 late in the shot clock — 6-0. Then Terran Petteway got got and Michigan State couldn’t make a shot — 13-4.

Then Nebraska …

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Mad Chatter: Nebraska’s shield, McDermott wins New York, Iowa’s demise, high school hoops

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. Conference tournament weekend is like New Year’s back in college. You know everybody’s having a blast, you just don’t know where. So many good games, so many different places. It’s hard to keep up.

We’ll cover the joy of Doug McDermott and the misery of Fran McCaffery, the benefit of TCU and the vision of Jim Delany. We’ll hit the next wave of high school basketball standouts, the ideal Midwest Region and more.

But let’s start with Husker hoops. The last time Nebrasketball made the NCAA tournament, I was a sophomore in high school, slicing frogs in Biology, going to golf practice on 35-degree days, eating Burger King and Arby’s every meal (OK, …

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Mad Chatter: McDermott’s month of fame, Nebraska vs. Iowa, Tim Miles pics

Welcome to Doug McDermott Month.

For two years, many of us who follow the Creighton star have wondered if the nation — the casual sports fan — would ever recognize how good McDermott is. The answer: Yes.

Finally, yes.

You’re seeing at least one McDermott profile from a major media outlet every day now. It’s USA Today, whose Nicole Auerbach examines his financial value to Creighton; Bleacher Report, whose C.J. Moore calls him perhaps the best four-year player of the past 20 years; ESPN.com, whose Scoop Jackson argues McDermott is worthy of a top draft pick (it’s about time people came to their senses on his NBA future).

And, the big kahuna, the Sports Illustrated cover.

I repeat: Doug McDermott is on …

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Mad Chatter: Tim Miles and the power of the Husker crowd, McDermott’s 45

We all have our thing.

Might be an author or a poet. Might be a director or an actor. Might be a preacher or a thrill ride. Something that stirs your insides, twists ‘em in a way you haven’t felt before, supplying a natural high that defies explanation.

For me, it was Springsteen and the E Street Band. And before I knew it, I was driving to every concert I could within a 500-mile radius. I was standing for hours near the stage, waiting for that first bass beat. I get chills just thinkin’ about it.

What happened last night at Pinnacle Bank Arena reminds me of that feeling. Everybody in the building fully invested themselves in victory. And everybody in that building walked out …

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Mad Chatter: The greatest, coolest, most epic basketball weekend ever; T-Magic and spring football

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites. We cover the NCAA tournament bubble, senior night, Taylor Martinez’s future, LeBron James’ masterpiece and Disneyland drama.

But first, the biggest basketball weekend in the history of the state. Frankly, it’s not even close.

In a span of 24 hours, national player of the year Doug McDermott will give his senior night speech to the capacity CenturyLink crowd (I have a feeling he’ll do it after reaching 3,000 points — he needs 34) and Nebraska will try to secure its first NCAA tournament bid in 16 years with a Top-1o win at its new sold-out arena.


>> “And now, your Creighton starting lineup: Austin Chatman, Devin Brooks, Avery Dingman, Will Artino and …

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Mad Chatter: Logging the Miles to March

Shaka Smart. Gregg Marshall. Ben Howland. John Groce. Rob Jeter.

Tim Miles.

No, he probably wasn’t Tom Osborne’s first choice (though Osborne has never confirmed this). Probably wasn’t Osborne’s second or third choice either. That’s why Miles’ name produced a few groans in Nebraska. A few shoulder shrugs and eye rolls. Here we go again.

Initially, I had a few doubts, too. Then I started digging through Miles’ past, talking to old friends and coaches and players. I quickly changed my mind.

Miles’ greatest asset, I learned, wasn’t his Twitter proficiency or quick wit. It was his basketball experience. Everything he had done had prepared him for this specific job. Nebraska. He was the perfect candidate not because of his distinguished record or pedigree, …

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Mad Chatter: Creighton the 10 seed, a two-game Husker season, Danny Woodhead 10 years later

To most of us, the calendar says March 5. To Creighton basketball, it’s February 33.

The Jays’ latest version of the February folly is in full effect after last night’s loss at Georgetown. The offense is bad, the defense is worse, the Jays look like a 10 seed, not a Final Four contender. It all feels quite familiar.

The Jays lost three in a row in February 2012 before winning seven straight entering the NCAA tournament. They lost three in a row in February 2013, then won five straight entering the Big Dance.

This season, I thought CU could avoid a winter slumber. Nation’s best player + gobs of senior leadership + an improved defense = Consistency. Right?


CU fans have 72 hours to tell …

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Mad Chatter: Are the Huskers laying in a pile of suds? Bo, baseball & bobsleds

It’s Friday! That means Ten Big stories in 10 little bites (a bit abbreviated today). We cover Barry Switzer and Curt Tomasevicz, Bo Pelini working for Mike Leach (?) and a 12-year-old basketball prodigy (??). But first, Nebraska’s position on the bubble.

Are the Huskers sliding off? Are they squarely on? Is their bubble about to burst and get suds all over the floor? (As the parent of a 3-year-old, I have experience with this).

I think most of us can agree that at 20 wins NU is a cinch for the NCAA tournament. At 18, the Huskers don’t have a chance. At 19, they’re gonna be sweating profusely on Selection Sunday.*

* This is a slight deviation from my take 11 days ago. My

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Mad Chatter: Ranking Husker coaches, Tim Miles’ Big 3, reader emails

So much ground to cover today, but let’s start with Tuesday’s Twitter poll, one of my favorites in the illustrious history of Mad Chatter public surveys:

Select and rank the best five head coaches in the Nebraska athletic department.

Tough one, huh. I received close to 100 responses on Twitter and email. And here’s how the points broke down (five points for a first-place vote, four points for second, etc.):

10 — Dan Kendig, women’s gymnastics. 20 points

9 — Bill Straub, women’s bowling. 36 points

8 — Mark Manning, wrestling. 38 points

T-6 — Darin Erstad, baseball. 44 points

T-6 — Bo Pelini, football. 44 points

5 — Rhonda Revelle, softball. 59 points

4 — Gary Pepin, …

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